Drainage Contractors in Guildford, Godalming, Camberley & Woking

As well as providing a full range of hard and soft landscape gardening services to domestic and commercial clients in Camberley, Guildford, Godalming, Woking and the many surrounding areas, DR Bradbury serve as qualified and professional drainage contractors with many years of combined groundwork, installation and civil engineering experience.


How Our Drainage Contractors Can Help You…

CCTV Surveys & Inspection


The drainage contractors at DR Bradbury can employ CCTV technology to inspect the structural integrity and condition of drainage systems. This can be useful for a number of reasons. It may be that you’re suffering from ongoing problems like regularly reoccurring blockages, and want to get to the bottom of why they’re happening.

Alternatively, it could be that you’re considering moving to a new property in Camberley, Guildford, Godalming, Woking or Surrey and want to ensure that the drainage system is not only functional, but won’t cost you too much money to get into working order if it isn’t.

If a traditional, non-CCTV inspection is required, our drainage contractors can excavate around a problem area and carry out a fault-finding diagnosis. If a CCTV inspection is a more convenient option, we’ll feed a high-definition camera attached to a length of fibre into the system. This will report back images to a screen, which our skilled drainage contractors will monitor to analyse the findings.

Footage can be recorded to a DVD, which is available to Camberley, Guildford, Godalming and Woking residents who may want it for their records, or who might need to supply an insurance company with evidence of a non-working system.

High-Pressure Water Jetting


This involves circulating a high pressure stream of water throughout your drainage system, dislodging the built-up scale and debris that may be slowing the flow of household water and increasing the likelihood of suffering from unwelcome blockages. Regular water jetting makes for a healthy drain, which is essential for domestic properties around Camberley, Guildford, Godalming and Woking, and for commercial premises where a blocked drain could lead to a substantial loss of earnings.

Drain Repairs


Suffering from a drainage problem? The drainage contractors at DR Bradbury can quickly fix the issue to ensure any disruption to your daily routine is kept to an absolute minimum. Some of the most common drain repairs we carry out around the Camberley, Guildford, Godalming and Woking areas include:


  • Blocked Drains
  • Leaking Drains
  • Overflowing Drains
  • Slow Drainage System
  • Foul Odour from Drains
  • Noisy Drain System

Drain Installation & Replacement


If you need a team of drainage contractors to install a new drainage system within your property boundaries, or to replace one that is old and problematic, DR Bradbury is here to help. Following an initial site survey, we’ll be able to issue you with a free, no-obligation quote that you’ll find to be highly competitive compared to similar companies operating in the Camberley, Guildford, Godalming and Woking areas.

Searching for a reputable team of drainage contractors for work in the Camberley, Guildford, Godalming and Woking areas? Call DR Bradbury on 01483 860 115.

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